Thursday, March 22, 2007

What I hate about passwords

First of all, Zep asked me to join this blog way back in January. He probably thought I was blowing him off because I didn't make like a patriot and join up to his cause, er, blog. But no, it was because, get this, I forgot my password. Now, I have a small algorithm that I use for creating passwords but they all tend to be mashups of relatively the same few words. The problem is, all of the friggin' passwords are almost the same so I invariably get to the point where I have forgotten which one I have decided to use for which site, especially if it is one I don't visit very often, like my own blog. So I go through all the iterations that it could be until I of course, lock myself out of the account. Then I have to remember which of my shadow emails I used to set up the account, have the adminbot send me a new password which I then change it to, wait for it, ANOTHER iteration of my favorite password. Which I then proceed to enter on my new palm treo so I don't forget it in the future. Which isn't password protected. Ain't data & identity management grand?

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