Friday, July 21, 2006

The Best Line I Have Heard All Week.

Maybe I'll alternate between "The Best Line" and "The Stupidest Thing" posts. A little more variety never hurt anyone.

Micheal Kinsley, who writes for Time Magazine, recently had brain surgery. It was to implant some electrical probes. I guess the current they run through the brain (brrrr!!!) is supposed to reduce the effects of Parkinson's, which Mr. Kinsley is apparently suffering from. I would have never known anything like that, based on the quality of his writing.

Anyway, according to the essay at the back of the July 24 edition, the editor says "Kinsley's surgery took place on July 12 and went fine. His first words were, "Well, of course, when you cut taxes, government revenues go up. Why couldn't I see that before?"

Classic line, that. That's right up there with "Dying is easy, comedy is hard."

And it's very good that the surgery went well. I hope that he continues to publish his columns.

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