Wednesday, June 02, 2010

God, what an idiot.

From TPM:

Jesus, can't we just go back to talking about her being "stalked" by her neighbor and building a really big fence?

How is it that people can just make such asinine, obviously untrue statements and think that no one notices? Do they not care they look like idiots? Sure, she wasn't at all talking about drilling offshore deep water oil wells for the last two years. Nope. And notice, at the same time she is trying to make it look like the events in the Gulf over the last haven't proved her to be 100% WRONG, she is ALSO attempting to blame "extreme" environmentalists for the current oil spill. Yeah, complete lack of oversight of the oil industry and the desire to cut as many corners as possible to save time and money had NOTHING at all to do with this. It's all those evil "extreme greenies" fault. I wonder how long it took her to come up with this approach? She probably had some help...

No wonder our country is in such sad shape. We have people like this running what passes for our national discourse. I'm serious. Our democracy stands absolutely no chance if people like her ever get in charge. We can't even stand an electorate that stupid, much less our politicians.

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