Wednesday, September 02, 2015

So, Fundamentalist Christians still object to same-sex marriage, eh?

I have a question for that annoying clerk in Kentucky who won't do her job and anyone else that feels like she does.  Why do you think you get to decide who can get married or what the definition of marriage is?  Got news for you, babe.  Christians don't own the institution of marriage, even though you seem to act like you think you do.  Hindus get married.  Sunnis get married.  Jewish people get married.  African tribesmen get married.  Navajo Native Americans get married.  Atheists get married, for God's sake!  How in the hell do you think you can define marriage for everyone in this country?  Define it for yourself, why don't you?  But don't tell the rest of us that we have to follow YOUR rules based on YOUR PARTICULAR interpretation of a particular version of a particular Holy Book called the Bible.  And, you know all that stuff about four marriages and having kids by one father five months after you divorced a different man?  Maybe you should drop all that Holier Than Thou crap.

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