Tuesday, May 30, 2006

November non-prognostications.

I am seeing a number of sources implying or outright saying that the Dems look poised to do a major number on the Republicans this November. Even some Republican pollsters and pundits seem to be saying this. The House, I appear to be getting from all of this, is ready to go Dem, and there is a possibility that the Senate might go as well, even though there are only something like 14 seats up for election this time around.

Well, I hope so. I hope the Dems don’t get overconfident. Lord knows how that could happen, since it appears they have an ingrown inferiority complex about winning elections. But maybe there is enough of a groundswell to throw the rascals out (somewhat like a reversal of the Newt Gingrich, Contract With America revolution). I hope it is enough to offset any voting machine fraud that might be out there. I know that there appears to be a whole lot of Republicans running scared right now. And I LOVE the plan from the Rove The Genius. Tell everyone that the economy is going great, even though it really might not be evident to, oh, 95% of the population. Totally ignore Iraq (or have the Preznit make some half assed lame apology for maybe saying the wrong thing, but nothing about actual actions that have caused untold death and destruction). Totally ignore the fact that the one person we absolutely know was behind the attacks of 9/11 is still free and taunting us via monthly video appearances. And then throw in a little boogieman in the form of Democratic control of committees. Oh, the calamity! Democrats might actually INVESTIGATE things that have happened in the last 6 years. We surely can’t have that happen, can we?

Yep, that’s a winning plan if I have ever heard one.

Actually, I have sort of a guilty wish. I sort of wish there would be some massive voter fraud occur, something so big that no one could ignore it. Something like having 100,000 votes go for the Republican candidate and only 2000 for the Democrat, and there is only something like 65,000 registers voters in that precinct. Like I said, something so big that it would be impossible for anyone with any sort of a conscience at all to ignore.

Diebold would be history, and their CEO would follow the CEO of Enron to the hoosegow.

Like I said, guilty wish. That probably wouldn’t be in the country’s best interest, but boy, it sure would be entertaining to watch.

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