Friday, May 19, 2006

So, George Bush is a liberal, huh?

There are a number of websites from the Right Blogsphere that have decided that they don’t really like George Bush and his cronies. (Sorry, no links. Not going to link to them, nope.) When everything was going good for them, we stomped all over a foreign country with a military about 1/200 the size of ours, we felt oh-so-much-better about ourselves. We were telling the French to go f**k themselves on a weekly basis and the whole world seemed to be our back yard, to do with what we pleased.

Well, now that we have decided the war isn’t actually going that great, and Bush’s poll numbers in the toilet, the unber-Conservatives have decided that Bush really isn’t on their team after all. He sure isn’t coming out with a plan to deport 11 million illegal workers in this country, and perhaps all that noise about banning gay marriage was so much hoo-haa. So, what do they label him as? A liberal! The wingnuts can’t even come up with a different name for someone they disagree with.

The population of “liberals” is sure getting pretty large, lately.

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