Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rove and Bartlett are subpoenaed in Libby trial!

Well, isn’t this interesting? Rover and Bartlett may have to testify, and as a defense witness at that! Hilarious. I’m thinking, there goes that Libby pardon theory out the window. This is shaping up to be VERY interesting.

It looks like the smart people are a bit confused as to what exactly is the Libby defense team going for with this. At least the “I was really, really busy with really, really important things, so I forgot” defense was understandable, if a tad implausible. This new line, based on several statements the Libby defense lawyers made in the opening statement, seems to be that Libby was set up as a fall guy for the White House when things didn’t go as planned. This would actually be a first, since I thought Bushco NEVER had any sort of contingency plans. Everything was ALWAYS going to go as they planned it, down to the Iraqi flowers being thrown at soldiers, reminiscent of the American liberation of Paris in 1944. So, even if Libby was going to take the rap here, that still doesn’t excuse him lying under oath to a federal prosecutor, which is the crime of which he is accused. So, what’s the deal, then? It will be interesting to see what develops.

In any event, I cannot believe that either Bush or Cheney are very happy of these developments. There are likely to be some very uncomfortable revelations made during their testimony. Put Cheney and Ari Fleischer in the mix, well, there are going to be some goodies for the press to get their newly discovered teeth into, like some little puppy with a new chew toy. It doesn’t matter if these happen to be brand new pieces of information that no one has heard before or just a confirmation of suspicions that the WH has been constantly denying for years. This is going to be very embarrassing to Bush and his followers.

I can’t wait to hear how Limbaugh and his ilk spin this one. I already saw where Ann Coulter was off on how presidential Bush looked in his SOTU address, and wasn’t it nice we had such a president, instead of someone like Clinton, who, as everyone knows, GOT A BLOWJOB IN THE OVAL OFFICE.

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