Monday, May 14, 2007

Barking Rabbits One-Year Anniversary! Where’s the cocktail weenies?

Well, that was a fast year, all things considered. Doesn’t seem like a year has passed. I won’t say I have accomplished much of anything in this last year, other than to keep my non-technical writings skills from degrading entirely. I also got to vent a lot about what might be bothering me that particular day, one of the benefits of having your own blog. You get to make your own damn rules, thank you very much. “Whaddya mean, ‘stay on topic’?!?”

I was originally going to call the blog “Pithy Cabbages”, just because I liked the sound of it and it is complete nonsense. One of my posting partners, who I believe has made all of two posts, convinced me that Barking Rabbits was a much better name, albeit less nonsensical, and she even came up with some graphic art of a really annoyed bunny. But, even with the new blogspot version, I have yet to figure out how to put graphics in the header. If I ever figure out how to put one in, I still have it in memory.


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