Friday, August 17, 2007

Tony Snow to step down as White House secretary.

I don’t really blame him, for several reasons. Having a high pressure, high profile job like that is difficult under the best of circumstances, but I can see that this would not be a good job to have while dealing with cancer and the treatments he requires. Plus, he has to defend the indefensible, on most days. The White House press secretary and his underlings have been saying some outrageous things for the last few months. I don’t know if I could stand knowing that I was up in front of the world, essentially, and either lying outright or dissembling such that no one could really figure out whether or not you were telling the truth.

But the reason he gave? He’s “running out of money”. Well, that’s a new one. Usually, it’s to “spend more time with the family”. However, I am thinking that for normal, everyday people like you or I, changing jobs while undergoing very expensive treatment for cancer would not be a good idea at all. There are such things that insurers look at called “existing conditions”. You aren’t going to get too many insurance companies willing to sign you up when they know, for certain, you have cancer and are in the middle of getting very expensive treatment for it.

“Running out of money”? Seriously? I hope he has a new gig lined up, one that will pay his medical bills. If I were to do something like that with my current job and expected to go to a new job, with a new healthcare provider that I expected to pick up a very expensive medical tab, it would be signing my own death warrant.

I guess it’s good to be part of the ruling class. You don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

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