Friday, August 15, 2008

Whatever happened to Iran as the next "war of opportunity"?

You don't hear much about Iran anymore. It's all about Russia, now. People like Max Boot and Bill Kristol want to go to war with Russia, apparently, in support of Georgia.

Yeah, I can't begin to express what a GREAT idea that is. Let's get into a shooting war with Russia. We can't even beat the Taliban in Afghanistan, and they want us to go "toe to toe with the Rooskies". How insane are these people, and how did they get their jobs that they have? I sure would like to have a job where I got paid to be insane.

The good point about this all is that their idea of a showdown the the Russian army is a complete fantasy, whereas there was a real possibility that we could go drop a few bombs on Iran and then sit back do see what happened. As long as these neocon pyschos are out there in the realm of complete fantasy, at least they aren't agitating for something that could really happen.

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