Friday, February 12, 2010

"How's that hopey, changey stuff working out for ya?"

That’s what Sarah Palin said the other day to the big Tea Party convention in Nashville, the one that people had to pay about $550 to see her speak. She actually said that. Really. And, of course, she was also caught with scrawled crib notes on her hand. That video (I might try to find it later), where she is holding the microphone and trying to serrupticiously glance at her palm while speaking is hilarious. Third graders cheating on a test are more convincing. And this person is supposed to be considered as a “serious political figure.” After all, David Broder of the Washington Post likes her, he being the Dean of the Villagers.

Well, all I can say is that this country is further along its long decline into irrelevancy than I had imagined if this is the kind of stuff we can expect from our “leading political figures.”

God, I would love to see a debate between President Obama and Candidate Palin. That would be worth paying money to see.

But back to my central point. We have a leading political figure using made-up words that might embarrass your average self-aware 8th grader if he/she were to use them in a conversation. But even past that, the meaning behind this stupid sounding question is the depth of stupidity underneath it, as it discounts the fact that the Republican Party has decided to contest and obstruct every single thing that the Democrats try to do. They don’t want to offer alternative solutions to pressing problems. They don’t want to try to seek compromises. They don’t even want to try to govern effectively. They just want to try to embarrass and harass President Obama every step of the way, every single day. Yes, people who supported Obama, many passionately, during his candidacy and after he was elected, are very disappointed in a number of things. One big one is that he has not been able to, and at times, doesn’t appear to even want to attempt to force the Republicans into a corner or twist some arms. Many people are upset that he continually tries for that elusive “bipartisanship” that Republicans have made it abundantly clear that they have no intention, ever, of allowing. So, Ms. Palin, to answer your question, you are right. Some of that “hopey” and “changey” stuff is NOT working out so great, and it’s because of your stupid Republican Party and idiots like you who want to obstruct every single thing, even things that Republicans have historically been for.

Think on this for a second. Daily Kos points out that some of the loudest applause that Sarah Palin got from the tea party crowd was about seceding from the country. Ms. Palin’s famous First Dude of a husband, of course, is well known for his membership in a separatist party in Alaska. The tea party people want to “take their country back”, without ever really saying who they want to take it back from, and profess to love their country so much they would be willing to shed blood for it. Remember all those town hall meetings where these loons would bring their guns to places where Obama was speaking? And the signs that indicated that democracy needs to be watered with the blood of patriots? They love their country so much that around 50% of self-identified Republicans want to secede from the United States of America, just because they don’t like President Obama and the policies he is pushing. Imagine that! The President of the United States, who won a fair election by a rather wide margin, is actually trying to do things he believes in! To me, the desire to secede from the Union doesn’t sound like they love their country that much. In fact, it sounds like they hate it. And we are supposed to take these people seriously?

Luckily, recent polling shows that, the more that the American people learn about Sarah Palin, the more they believe she is not qualified to be president. From Talking Points Memo:

Sarah Palin has upped her national profile in recent weeks, but a new poll shows that the extra attention hasn't done her any favors. In the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, the amount of people with a favorable view of Palin has dropped to its lowest point ever recorded by the pollster. More than 70% of respondents said she's not qualified to be president.

Those numbers are somewhat comforting, although they leave me to wonder about the 30% that do still like Sarah Palin.

I have always had little patience for idiots. But what really rubs me the wrong way are smug, self-important idiots who are shown to be idiots, over and over, and it never phases them. It’s always someone else’s fault. Someone is always out to get them. They are never embarrassed, because they know they are superior, when in fact they are out and out idiots.

If Sarah Palin is a view into the future of this country, the entire world had better be very careful.

UPDATE: How could I leave out Death Panels?! Now, THAT is the mark of serious politician.

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