Friday, October 06, 2006

I cannot belief how low the right wing echo chamber will go to defend “their own”.

Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are leading the charge to blame the victims of this whole sordid mess. Drudge first calls all pages “beasts” and blames them for “egging the congressman on”. Now he claims that it is all some prank gone awry. Limbaugh starts the rumor it is somehow the Democrats fault; that they were intentionally holding on to this information until right before the elections, without offering any sort of proof whatsoever. They are just slinging mud against the wall in the weak hope that some of it will stick. After all, THEIR guys are the good guys and everyone knows all Democrats are evil. Which must have been the reason that Fox News got “mixed up” and identified Mr. Pedophile himself as D-FL.

The latest attempt at sliming the victims of all of this is outing the pages that were the target of Foley’s unwanted attention, publishing the names of these kids. Yes, how nice. Very professional.

What disgusting, unethical, hypocritical slimeballs these people are turning out to be. Most of us knew that already, but they are showing it to the world in spades. What is really ironic, all of this is turning the stomachs of many of their erstwhile hardcore supporters. I don’t agree with most of what the evangelical Right says, does, or thinks, but many of them are very sincere. And preying on kids in an overt sexual manner and then everyone lying about it, blaming everyone else in sight, is really upsetting the conservative Christians.

These people really turn my stomach. I’m not sure who I am most upset with right now: Foley himself, all the “leadership” in the Rethug party who covered it all up and who let politics take the lead when they should have been worried about the kids, or all the right wing “defenders of the realm” who will do and say absolutely anything in order to further their cause and slime their opponents.

How can these people live with themselves?

And for a little more on some of the perversity of the Rethugs, take a look at this link.

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