Thursday, October 26, 2006

The monster within.

The Rethug party sure is finally exposing what is really inside its' soul. This is being exposed sort of like the Monster From The Id showing up in the classic sci-fi film, FORBIDDEN PLANET. Except in this case, unlike Dr. Morbius in the film, the Rethugs know EXACTLY who they are and what they stand for. They just hardly ever say it out loud, because they know that most of the people in the U.S. would be repelled. However, the threat of imminent defeat and loss of one or both houses of Congress sure put the fear of.... something or someone into these jerks. Their true nature is being shown on national television and in the press.

This is how the Rethugs are finally exposing themselves for what they really are.

This amazing commercial put on the RNC is nothing more than an ad for Osama Bin Laden himself and all the other terrorists who would like nothing more than to do harm to this country. However, the Rethug party has decided to pick up the tab and do the job for them! The approach is no less than “Let’s scare the everlovin’ bejessus out of everyone! Death! Mayhem! Destruction! Then they’ll have to vote Republican!” As Keith Olbermann pointed out on his show the other night in his special comment, this is clearly a terror tactic in and of itself. This time, however, it comes to you courtesy of the political party in power.

There is the ad being run in Tennessee against the Democratic challenger, Harold Ford. Jr. It is in every way racist to its’ very core, and yet the defenders of this piece of garbage are saying, “Come on! It’s funny! Get over it!” Ken Mehlman says that the ad is fair. How very commendable of him.

There’s Rush Limbaugh, the bag-o-flatulence extraordinaire, who is accusing Michael J. Fox of exaggerating or even faking the effects of Parkinson’s disease so that he will appear more sympathetic on his series of commercials supporting candidates that favor stem cell research. This from a convicted drug abuser who got off lightly because he is a Personality.

Here and here are a couple of other good links to well written posts regarding the current cesspool of slime and excrement, otherwise known as GOP Standard Operating Procedures.

And there is so much more going on just recently that I haven’t even touched on. Their conduct is nothing less than shameful, disgusting, hypocritical, and bigoted. I am beside myself to even think that these people consider themselves as Americans or Christians.

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