Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My shortcomings as a "up to the second" blogger

O.K., I admit that my stuff isn't really all that leading edge. I maybe get within a time window of two or three days if I am lucky, but this would certainly not be the place for someone to go find out what is going on just this minute. On more than several occasions, I have had posts that I wrote during lunch at work and have forgotten to post them when I get home for several days. By the time I remember them, they have been overrun by fast moving events. If you want up to the minute breaking news, go try Huffington Post instead.

Between being in all day meetings all this week and reading a book at lunch that I need to write a review of before the end of October, I didn't get a lot of personal writing done this week during the day. At at home, there is the grass to mow, Countdown with Keith Olberman to watch, dinner to eat, homework to be helped with. I don't know how bloggers with jobs actually do it. Or bloggers without jobs, for that matter.

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