Friday, September 07, 2007

Bush reminds me of leaders during The Great War.

These are the clowns that just thought that starting a war would be a good thing, and it would all be over in a matter of weeks, if not months. And when things didn’t turn out that way, they had no clue of what actually WAS going on. Losing hundreds of thousands of soldiers in a single battle that was fought in trenches, in knee-deep mud, and lasted for over a year didn’t cause their resolve to waiver in the least. They had their principles, they had their beliefs. Information to the contrary wasn't going to change that.

Admittedly, the stakes were much higher at that time, as the entire continent was engulfed in the flames of war, and the technology of the day made it very difficult to get reports from the field. All of which makes Bush even less understandable. I am truly coming to believe that this guy has no clue, and he just really does make decisions “by his gut”. The latest book by supposedly a neutral or even sympathetic author (I’ll try to get the name and link later) shows that Bush doesn’t even care what reality is. He truly does “make his own reality”, just as Karl Rove suggested those long years ago. However, it isn’t in the way that was suggested. It is more in the line of “La la la! I can’t hear you, reality!”

I am just astonished that a man with his severe limitations ever got in a position to be elected president, much less actually be elected twice. And I am even more astonished and hugely disappointed that there are still people in this country who think that the Democrats are the evil ones. What WILL it take to get everyone to recognize what a bone headed slacker this guy is?

UPDATE: Well, it just keeps on coming. Bush, while in Australia for the APEC summit, referred to the meeting as "OPEC", which yielded laughs from the audience. And he referred to his host country as "Austria". What an embarrassment.

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