Sunday, September 23, 2007

Republicans will try anything to win.

They know they have very, very little chance of winning the next presidental election, as things stand now. So, they are going to try to game the system. They have tried "voter fraud" as a way of supressing minority voting, which usually goes the way of the Democrats. That is a Karl Rove special. But that didn't work all that well in the 2006 elections. So, here is the latest thing they are trying.

There may be a ballot initiative in California , if it makes it on the ballot and then it passes, that would split the state's electoral votes along the percentage of ballots cast for each party. Yes, on the surface, that sounds "fair", I suppose. But no other state is going to do that. Every other state is a "winner take all" affair. This is just a ploy that is designed to siphon off electoral votes from the Dems and give it to the Republicans. It means giving the Republicans, without doing a single other thing, the electoral votes of a state the size of Ohio. The Dems would HAVE TO win Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania to counteract this.

This is fair? I am certain that the Rethugs would not have wanted to split the electoral votes from Florida in 2000 or Ohio in 2004. Either of those things would have given the presidential election to the Democrats. But no, this is just something that they will try in order to win. They know they can’t win on their abysmal record of the Iraq war, Katrina, race relations, the economy, etc. So, they must cheat. That is what this is, cheating. Make no mistake about it. This is a desperate, last minute ploy to rescue the Rethugs from an overwhelming defeat. The only positive thing about it that is out in the open and that we have the time to educate the voters in California about what is really going on.

I hope that the Dems will come out and hit this hard. I have heard lots and lots of silence about this up to now. They better not just let this slide and then complain about it later, a la John Kerry, after the Democratic nominee loses.

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