Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rudolph Giuliani, the Pavlov's Dog of candidates.

Get asked an embarrassing question, blurt out something to do with 9/11. All the time. Lather, rinse, repeat. 9/11. 9/11.

This is from The Democratic Party web page, via Firedoglake.

Giuliani also addressed a cell phone call he took from his wife, Judith, last week during his speech to the National Rifle Association...

"And quite honestly, since Sept. 11, most of the time when we get on a plane, we talk to each other and just reaffirm the fact that we love each other," he said.

Uh, huh….. That’s pretty rich, but unsurprising, since Rudy brings up 9/11 for every single thing that he stands for, even for unfettered personal ownership of handguns. Like that would have stopped the 9/11 hijackers, unless everyone on those planes was armed.

But what is very amusing about Rudy’s statement above is that he wasn’t even married to his current wife on September 11, 2001! So, how stupid does his statement above look when cast in that light?

Really, really stupid. But these people don’t care. All they care about is trying to scare the crap out of every single American so they can either get or retain as much power as they can. And they know that the national media isn’t going to grab one of their gaffs, like they did John Edwards’ $400 haircut, and make hay with it. So, they feel free to pound away with the only hammer they have. This kind of stuff should make most people slink away in complete humiliation, never to be heard of again. But not Republicans. They thrive on this kind of crap.

I wonder if this country is every going to get back our moral focus ever again. Because it sure doesn’t look like it now.

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