Friday, April 09, 2010

Republican employers now laying off Democratic employees?

Via Steve Benen:

Last Friday, someone going by the name "dermdoc" posted a thread on a message board for Texas A&M students and alumni with this topic: "Laid off my first Obama voting employee today."

"Our reimbursement rates are spiraling downward, taxes are projected to go up with Obamacare, so I did it," the person wrote. He later added: "I made this decision because I can."

"It is kind of interesting watching their face as you explain to them the economic consequences of the policies of the guy they voted for," wrote dermdoc. [...]

"Elections have consequences," wrote dermdoc. "If you vote for someone who raises my taxes and lowers my income, you pay the cost."

Wow. He did this because he can. That's a great reason. Last week, we had the Florida doctor urging people who voted for Obama to go elsewhere for their urinary care. Now, we apparently have some employer laying off employees who voted for Obama. And, of course, we had the incident of the lunatic repeatedly running into another person’s car because it had an Obama/Biden bumper sticker on it.

And these are the same people that are worried that Democrats want to use healthcare reform as a way of not giving care to Republicans and the census is really a plot to identify Republicans so they can be put into interment camps. Are these people even awake?

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