Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I have learned in the last few days.

- Many, many people care more about easy access to guns than they do about people. Yet, I am assuming that these same people are the ones who are so against abortion, because "life is sacred."

- We must accept the occasional (yearly or less) massacre of U.S. citizens as the price of easy access to guns.

- Criticizing hateful and violence-filled speech may cause harm to someone. But the hateful and violence-filled speech itself is totally innocent and should never be targeted for any blame, ever.

- Reading Mein Kamph and To Kill A Mockingbird makes you a liberal, even if you attempt to assassinate a Democratic congresswoman.

- Some Republicans may actually agree with the some of the left's criticism of the hate filled rhetoric that is going on today. However, they are so scared about upsetting the right that they will only offer that criticism anonymously.

- Asking for some restraint about some of the violent imagery being used is the same thing as trying to censor certain words and suppress right wing radio.

- "Both sides do it", even though hardly anyone ever offers up concrete examples of hate filled rhetoric from the left. The examples that are given are usually pretty tepid, such as a Daily Kos diarist saying that Giffords is "dead to me." That is apparently exactly the same as Sarah Palin's gunsight mailings targeting Democrats and saying that her followers "shouldn't retreat! Reload!"

- Anything that President Obama does or says is absolutely the worst thing that he could have said or done and must be roundly criticized.

- Oh, here's a new one. Democrats support the shooter of Gabby Giffords and want to get him "off", as in not be convicted of any crime, because Democrats want to use this to blame Republicans. Thanks, Rush, for that wonderful insight. That's just brilliant. How much do you make a year, again?

Any other candidates?

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