Saturday, December 08, 2007

It’s time for another political post, I suppose.

I don’t suppose anyone has noticed that this blog has been full of really trivial stuff lately. Rather interesting at times, but really trivial. It’s difficult writing the political stuff for several reasons. One is that I am not even editorializing. I’m just bitching and moaning, in a somewhat readable manner. Another is that I am not doing a lot in the way of research and digging around. I just see a topic that upsets me and I take off on it. Other people do it much better than I do, and usually quicker. (Although Atrios, who seems to enjoy a very fine reputation as a insightful blogger, usually posts one liners that say “Wanker”, “Wheeee!!” or something along those lines. Jeez, I can do that.) So, it seems rather futile to get all worked up about a subject where I just read something by someone else who just wrote about it in a much better way than I ever could.

But here’s the real deal. There is just too much bad crap out there. It’s not even every day, it’s every flippin’ hour some new revelation comes up that just astounds me. Or else doesn’t astound me, just because they are coming fast and furious as part of an easily discernable pattern. I am just overwhelmed and am truly depressed about the state of this country and its inhabitants. It’s not just how truly despicable that the Bush administration has turned out to be. It’s also that the “conservatives” of this country refuse to see it and continually try to blame the Democrats and liberals for anything and everything that happens. If something really bad happens that they can’t duck, then they just pretend it doesn’t exist and manufacture another “crisis” (e.g., the “General Betrayus” ad, “let’s have a Congressional committee investigate, shall we?”) in order to deflect the attention from the truly embarrassing crap that they have just gotten caught doing.

Here we have the President of the United States trying, once again, to manufacture a crisis from a situation that, yes, does need attention but is nowhere near a problem that demands a THIRD WAR at a time that the first two aren’t going exactly well, to make a huge understatement. And now, of course, the Republicans in Congress are all up in arms because the NIE on Iran states that they have mothballed their nuke weapons program years ago. Did they get all frothing at the mouth mad when all the books were cooked to stampede this country into an unnecessary war in Iraq? No. No one gave a flying fig about that. But boy, if we get a report that undermines the right’s bloodlust and desire to kill thousands of more innocent people, then it’s Katy, bar the door! How DARE 16 intelligence agencies come up with intelligence (you know, the stuff that intelligence agencies are supposed to produce) that goes against the wishes of the Bush administration, at the same time Bush has the lowest approval ratings for a President for the longest period of time, ever. No, it’s obviously the intelligence agencies fault. Bush and Cheney obviously know more than they do. (Which brings up the question, if they are disbelieving everything all 16 agencies are saying, just where are they getting all this information about Iran anyway? Another “Curveball” that helped Bush make a case for war in Iraq?)

It’s all so transparent, and yet, many in this country cannot see it. They have been so brainwashed that their actual enemies are the citizens of the United States who disagree with them, they just cannot fathom that they are being outright manipulated or are so dishonest that they know exactly what they are doing but feel no remorse when doing it. Three quarters of the national media have taken sides with the Republican party, and there isn’t even any pretext of them fulfilling their investigative responsibilities. They now see their job as mouthpieces for the government. It’s much more interesting, in their eyes, to make an issue out of John Edward’s $400 haircut or Hillary’s boobs. Real reporting? Naw. That’s too damn hard. Plus, it wouldn’t allow many of them, like Lou Dobbs or the entire Fox Network, to pursue their agenda of promoting their own ideas.

This is not freedom we have here. This is the pre-pubescent version of Mussolini’s Italy. It isn’t there yet, but you can see where it is headed.

That’s why I post trivial pictures of car wrecks and Lego Escher. How we have come to this point, I just cannot begin to understand.

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