Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another awesomely cool scientific related post, this time about a mummified hadrosaur named Dakota.

Dinosaurs fascinate me. Probably all young boys were into dinosaurs at one time or another, a la Calvin. I find it just so amazing that these animals wandered around our planet for, oh, 165 million years, give or take. We humans think we are such hot sh*t, and we have only have a written history of our species of maybe, what, 6000 years? Dinosaurs were king, baby. Ain’t no mistakin' that fact. My mind is boggles at that fact. 165 MILLION years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. They still would be, if it weren’t for an unfortunate (for them, anyway) comet or meteor.

This new find is amazing; a dinosaur fossil that is more than just fossilized bones. The surface of the skin is preserved, including different sizing of scales which would probably indicate that these animals were striped in color. Internal organs are probably preserved as well. The entire fossil is being scanned in the world’s largest CT scanner, which will probably yield some really interesting results.

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