Monday, December 17, 2007

And why is high speed internet so damned important, again?

I have high speed internet at my work station, and I am not able to load many of the blogs that I used to like. Huffington Post now partially loads and then freezes. The Washington Post is the same way, except it also tries to pop up a new page at the end, which always fails my web browser. Therefore, I must hit the Escape key BEFORE this new page tries to pop up but AFTER the entire text of the page I want to read has been loaded. And every web site that has advertisements up on the top make absolutely certain that the ads load first, regardless of how long that might take, how much animation is involved, etc. etc. Gotta get that money up front, make sure these viewers see the ads. Americablog takes forever to load.

Crap, money has, once again, taken the fun out of something that used to be easy. I don’t even bother looking at some of these sites anymore. Which rather defeats the point of web sites, don’t you think?

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