Saturday, June 14, 2008

Republicans and their wingnut supporters are losing their collective minds.

It has always been obvious that the meltdown was coming, but I think it is here. For instance, Lindsey Graham, a senator from South Carlina (Republican, natch) apparently wants to remove Habeas Corpus from the Constitution, because having that little protection for people will apparently allow terrorists a free-for-all, knocking down buildings at their leisure. It’s amazing how important the Constitution and Bill of Rights are to these people when the discussion is about personal ownership of guns, but for everything else, then it’s all just a piece of paper that is getting in the way of what they really want to do to this country. Fox News refers to Michelle Obama giving Barack a little knuckle bump as a “terrorist fist jab”. That is just insane for a “news” anchor on a major cable channel to be dropping the word “terrorist” around with such audacity when talking about a presidential candidate. But when you get to the blog world, it is getting really, really weird. How about Debbie Schlussel, somehow connecting the dots behind a city ordinance in Dearborn, Michigan regarding Good Humor ice cream trucks and Muslims who want to take over this country. I just watched an old YouTube of Chris Matthews taking Michelle Malkin apart when she was trying to infer that John Kerry shot himself in order to get out of Vietnam and get a purple heart. Check out the link, but on my You Tube search, I got at least four other videos where she tried to claim the exact same thing. This was no accident or an example of "misspeaking".

There are many more examples out there, but I doubt anyone would be swayed, one way or the other, by my arguments if I included more examples. I think I could fill up several pages with this crap.

I have stated many times here in this blog that I just cannot fathom supposedly rational adults acting like this. There are probably many factors here in play that allow people to spout off so that they sound like complete morons in the national media. The first off is that they have gotten away with it in the past. No one has really called them on it, other than “liberal” bloggers which don’t really have what you would call a national audience. In the case of Faux News, I think their management not only condones this behavior, they push it. Yeah, E. D. Hill, the anchor who said this, is now out of an anchor job. Many people on the right are saying this isn’t the reason she was canned, though. Maybe, maybe not. Remember, Faux News is the same joint that, whenever a major sexual scandal hits the news, they try to identify the accused as a Democrat. I am not going to go find a link for this, but this was done at least twice when the Tom Foley congressional page scandal first broke. Faux News had a big “D” after his name on the graphics while discussing the story. I mean, how could anyone really think that was just an honest mistake? And when you get to bloggers, they have even LESS restraints on their lunacy, if that is possible.

I don’t know if they are so determined to be “right” and to destroy their enemies that “truth” has lost all meaning to them, or if they really do actually believe what they are saying. But I find it beyond comprehension that these people do not understand how absolutely ridiculous they look. And as the elections in November approach, I think it is going to get worse and worse. The Republican Party has already made it clear that they are going to go after Michelle Obama. Personally, I hope they do. They are going to not only look like idiots; they are going to look like racist idiots.

The wingnuts out there recognize they are losing, and that not only means losing whatever influence and power they once had, they will be losing out to people they have claimed are liars, cheats, frauds, unpatriotic and pro-terrorist. They cannot deal with the reality that a majority of Americans are no longer buying this stupid crap and that they are going to lose, big time, in November. Once that happens, of course, they will find other factors to blame, but it will never, ever be because they were wrong.

George Bush has taught them well.

UPDATE: Hey, I wrote this post before I read Glenn Greenwald this morning. Too bad, as he is on about the same point I am making, only much, much, MUCH better. Point against me: I look like I read his post first and then did a poor job copying him. (Not true, but I concede that it could look like this.) Point for me: Someone who really knows his business was making the same point I was! I love it when smart people say the same thing as I do.

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