Monday, March 30, 2009

You know what? I am going to take a blogging Sabbatical for a while.

This might last one or two months. I fully intend to come back in the near future, as it obviously fulfills some sort of need within me. I feel I really should come back eventually, for no other reason than for all the bloggers with much bigger and more influential blogs than I have who very nicely gave Barking Rabbits a link from their blogs (e.g., Needlenose, I Don’t Like You Either, Jon Swift, Seeing the Forest, Edicts of Nancy, etc.). Many thanks to you for those links.

I am just worn out. I was running on energy and pissed-offed-ness prior to the 2008 election. After that occurred, I found that any sort of momentum I had developed on this blog sort of collapsed. There is just too much going on to comprehend and try to write something that I feel is both a) coherent and b) interesting to someone else. Reading the daily news stories and blogs makes it difficult to believe that the end (e.g., environmentally, financially, intellectually) really isn’t near. Coming up with something to post, be it serious or just a stupid humorous reference, was becoming more of a chore than a pleasure. Plus, lots of stuff to do at work and remodeling the guest bathroom at home sort of has taken up a lot of my time of late. So, it appears that a little time off might be in order.

Thanks to everyone who looks in here and finds something they find interesting. Keep coming back, I’ll be back eventually. Or else try poking around the archives for a while. I think there is some interesting stuff in there that no longer shows up on the main page (even limited to the last 100 posts).

Keep it clean, kiddies.

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