Thursday, May 22, 2008

So, American Airlines is going to charge to check bags, eh?

This is going to work really well. I have seen many things written about this already. I’m certainly not going to add much new to the discussion. However, I just want to say that this seems to be yet another example of not thinking through the possible ramifications! Just like the Iraq war! No one seems to believe that you might want to possibly consider all the bad things that can possibly happen before you do something, rather than just concentrate on all the ponies and ice cream you are going to achieve.

Jeez. Charging for checked bags, even the first one! All this is going to do is make everyone want to bring carry on bags. The overhead bins are already filled to capacity. I try to be one of the first ones in line (for my group, which is usually one of the last ones anyway), just so I can make sure I will have a place to put my luggage in the overhead bins. Guess what is going to happen now? And all those folks who now can’t find a place in the overhead? Are they going to have to pull out their wallets and pay the flight attendants $15 or $25 just so they can get their bags put in the cargo hold? And how long is this going to hold up departures?

I can’t believe that airlines just can’t charge for tickets a price that will guarantee the airlines will make enough money on each flight. This is an insane way to run a business, nickel and dime your customer to death. And keep in mind, the flying public is already pretty much saturated by long security lines, taking off shoes and belts, putting all your liquids in plastic bags, airplanes filled to capacity, delays measured in hours, tiny little seats, rude passengers, rude flight attendants…

If the price of oil, and therefore jet fuel, really is going to keep climbing and may double in price from the already astronomically high prices we are paying now, I got news for the airlines. Trying to pry as much as you can from your customers is not going to keep your stupid industry afloat. You are going to have to find someway else to keep your business running and the airplanes flying. All the ‘low hanging fruit’ has been picked. You are going to need to find a better way to make your profits.

Charging for checked bags. Hey, I guess they could go put vending machine type locks on the biffies. Passengers, make sure you have lots of one dollar bills on you before you get on the airplane.

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