Friday, July 17, 2015

Of COURSE we need mini-drones that shoot pistols!

Because, well, why not?  If the Second Amendment doesn't prohibit it, like maybe high powered military grade arms that can shoot one hundred rounds without reloading, then it is all perfectly legal!  Same for flying pistols.  What could possible go wrong?  Just like the gun fanatic lunatic who killed a 9th grade girl in a drive by shooting about three miles from my house, or countless other senseless acts of criminality by non-responsible gun owners, I am sure that no one would ever think of misusing this.  Or the slackers that have nothing better to do than point laser pointers at commercial jetliners which are landing...  I mean, that's just good clean fun, right?  Are you going to outlaw laser pointers now?

There is video if you click the link, which I don't know how to embed in a blog post.

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