Saturday, April 05, 2008

I’ve been thinking a bit more about that last post on Mukasey lying his butt off in public.

This is more about the whole concept of people (mostly associated with the Republican party, fundamentalist Christians, the media and wingnut bloggers) just getting up in front of the public and making asses out of themselves by saying stuff that is obviously not true, and all it takes is about five minutes on “the Google” to prove that they are spouting nonsense. George Bush saying, “we have never been about ‘stay the course’” is a great example. Hillary has been doing a great job of this as well of late, such as her “dodging sniper fire in Bosnia” mindtrip can attest. I won’t even bother to try to collate more examples. They are out there every single day. Important People stating, in public, that which is easily disproved are a dime a dozen.

These types of people are not even trying anymore to come up with plausible lies. It’s truly bizarre behavior for anyone with a high public visibility quotient to be going around saying stuff that they should know is going to come back and bite them sooner or later. Yet, it’s a continuous Parade of Fools. Easy pickings for Keith Olbermann’s show.

What is behind this? I can’t help but think that there is something pathological about it. This can’t be just about people who are trying to slip something by a slack-jawed audience. Yeah, that’s part of it. But it seems like there has to be more. I have been wondering for some time whether or not these people have some sort of mechanism going on in their brains (or what passes for it) that makes them really, truly believe that whatever they say becomes The Truth. Once they say it, that becomes reality to them. And if anyone dares contradict them, well, the righteous indignation just flows out. That’s because these people really believe that they have been wronged! How dare someone contradict them! They are speaking The Truth!

I’m not a psychologist. I’m just an above average engineer and a non-practicing scientist. But logically, I just can’t make myself believe that lying to the public to get their way is behind all of this going on these days. I have to believe something more is going on here, and it isn’t a pretty thought. The logical conclusion to this train of thought, if I am correct, is that many people in positions of power and influence these days are totally delusional. They can invent their own reality just by the act of putting that reality into words, printed or spoken. This could explain a lot, like why George Bush continues to think we are must stay in Iraq and why he thinks history will vindicate him and crown him as a great president. But boy, I think the ramifications of this kind of thinking, as opposed to just flat out lying and knowing that you are lying, are truly frightening. It means we are being “governed” and “being kept informed” by total psychotics.

Kafka meets Orwell meets the Marx Brothers.

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