Friday, September 18, 2009

Republican Party = Old Confederate States of America?

Certainly seems that way to me. Now, we have some actual polling data that sort of confirms that. From Daily Kos via Washington Monthly.

Look closely. See? That's like a whole lot of people who don't live in the South that don't look too favorably toward the Republican Party.

Oh, wait. That graphs seems to have left out Hawaii and Alaska. I am sure that will balance things out…. Not.

I really am curious about how long this situation can sustain itself. I really don’t think a one party system is healthy for the country. Will the sane, moderate conservatives (and liberals, for that matter) ever put together a viable alternative to the Republican Party? Could we go with version 2.0 of the Bull Moose Party? We certainly have our present-day version of the Know-Nothing Party.

UPDATE: Thinking about this graph got me wondering. I certainly trust Markos at DailyKos to hire someone that will use very scrupulous polling methods to come up with data like this. However, this does seem a little too far in the way of people not trusting the Republican Party. Those are huge numbers. I am wondering if those are really reflective of reality. For example, the deep south, I would have thought the numbers would have been about 80% Trust Republicans and 20% Doesn't Trust Republicans. From what I hear about places like Arkansas, I am not sure this graph really reflects the true feelings out there. But, it is hopeful. If everyone in the "Doesn't trust Republicans" camp either votes Democratic or doesn't vote at all, then maybe 2010 isn't looking as dire as it is currently sounding for the Dems.

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