Thursday, July 19, 2007

More on Republican obstruction as tactical strategy.

This is a little bit more, adding to a post I did last week, on how Republicans are using obstruction of any Democratic initiative or proposal as their main strategy. Their main goal, as the quote below shows, is to make sure that the Democratic Congress don’t get anything accomplished, and then the Republicans can complain loudly about that same lack of progress.

In its first 40 hours, the new majority of the House of Representatives kept their promise to voters and passed legislation—increasing the minimum wage for the first time in a decade, empowering Medicare to negotiate lower prices on drugs, cutting interest rates on student loans in half, revoking big oil subsidies and using the money to invest in renewable energy—that provided a down payment for a new direction for this country.

These bills are overwhelmingly popular, and are simply common sense reforms. Yet every one of them—and many more—got held up in the U.S. Senate.

Conservatives boast about the “success” of their strategy in discrediting the new majority. As Senate Minority Whip Trent Lott, R-Miss., put it, “the strategy of being obstructionist can work or fail. So far it’s working for us.”

I find this despicable, as well as incomprehensible. The Minority Whip in the Senate actually states that is what they are doing!! They would rather be able to beat on their chests and complain about the Democratic Congress not getting anything done than to actually accomplish anything that will advance the well being of this country and its inhabitants.

I have heard tell that democracy is a messy thing. Yep, I’ll agree with that. To me, democracy is a great system, as long as everyone involved actually works ethically and responsibly and does not try to “game” the system. That is no longer an operable assumption about the Republicans. This is just one more piece of evidence about the truth of that statement.

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