Monday, July 02, 2007

Well, well. Scooter Libby gets his prison sentence commuted.

Can't say I am much surprised. It's all in keeping with the contempt Bush treats everything he touches that the rest of us value. 90% of me is outraged. I must admit, the other 10% is saying "I was expecting this. Now that it's done, even though I believe Scooter should spend some time in prison (after all, Paris Hilton did SOME time), this shows, once and for all, that Bush is all about getting his way, regardless of how many laws or conventions or traditions he wipes his feet on. I hope the rest of the country is watching."

My understanding is that commuting someone's sentence is very unusual if the person hasn't even begun to serve it, and he/she hasn't exhausted all his/her appeals yet. Nope, this was pure political expediency. And Bush was so gutless, he didn't even do it on camera or let anyone ask him questions about it.

I wonder if he is ever going to hold another open press conference again. I don't think I would want to be in Tony Snow or Dana Perino's shoes this week.

UPDATE (7/3): Also as expected, the blogs are alive today. Go check out FireDogLake and Digby (links over to the right) if you want to see some outrage. Everything Bush and the Rethug party does these days is packed full of hypocracy. How is it that Bush can arrive at the conclusion that LIbby's prison sentence was "excessive", and he is pushing for minimum sentencing standards for everyone else? As noted by Jane, Christy and Digby, Bush is saying that the laws are just for the little people, not for them. Every single f**king day, they make it more and more plain that they believe they are part of some elite ruling class of this country, and they can do whatever they please, whenever they please, and they don't feel they are answerable to anyone. Yet, if some of us "lower life forms", such as Democrats, illegal immigrants, people of color, etc., break the law, then they want the maximum sentence. These guys disgust me. I hope Christy is right, that Bush just handed the Dems the 08 election, the Presidency and both houses. If the Dems are smart enough now to relentlessly pound on the Rethugs for all their unconscionable actions. This is not a democracy anymore. We are on the road to restoring it, but we have a long way to go.

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