Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eye catching headlines, Sunday, September 21, 2008

Here are some more interesting headlines. Amazing how quickly you can get caught up on the news if you don’t take the time to actually read the stories.

Foreign banks could qualify for U.S. mortgage bailout. Sure, why not! That sounds like a great idea. Then we could go help Scotland get rid of that stupid monster-like thing in Loch Ness.

Arkansas evangelist compound raided in child porn case. After all, it’s their solemn duty to tell everyone else how to live. It's not like their edicts about morality and family values apply to them, right?

Scandal-plagued Israeli PM tells cabinet he will resign. My, what a quaint concept. Resigning just because you violated the public trust? What a maroon.

Elizabeth Hurley takes on pig breeding. Um, that could mean about any one of three things. But it is an amusing headline to contemplate.

Rail engineer in fatal L.A. crash kept to himself. Why is it that, if anyone, anywhere, has done anything wrong, one of the first things they say about him (or her, but usually him) is, “He kept to himself. He was a loner.” Like being an anti-social introvert is always a causal effect to whatever bad thing happened?

New dwarf planet named Haumea for Hawaiian goddess. What, we have run out of Greek and Roman gods already?

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