Monday, September 29, 2008

News Flash! Either Sarah Palin is an out-and-out liar, or she cannot read.

BYLINE NOTE: Originally posted on Oct. 13. Something about Blogger is putting everything under Sept. 29th.

Well, I was wrong. I had hoped that I wasn’t going to post anymore about Sarah Palin, the Caribou Barbie of the wingnuts of the world. She really is an orange juice squeezer in the universe of intelligent discourse. After she’s done, all that’s left is sort of this fetid husk, devoid of everything that an orange is really about, that only slightly resembles the piece of fresh fruit it once was. Only bits of pulp and a few seeds are left. Everything meaningful about the orange has been sucked dry.

I think that analogy is worthy of a post, all by itself.

The report out of the Alaska legislature makes it very plain that Sarah Palin abused her power as governor. The following quote is from a piece by John Cole at Balloon Juice.

Despite the finding of a legislative report that she had broken the state’s ethics law in the scandal dubbed Troopergate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said Saturday that the report actually cleared her of any “legal wrongdoing or unethical activity.”


The investigation said she violated Alaska Statute 39.52.110(a) of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, which states, “… each public officer holds office as a public trust, and any effort to benefit a personal or financial interest through official action is a violation of that trust.”

Palin said she’s happy the report affirmed her right to fire Monegan. But she said she still doesn’t think she abused her power like the report says she did. In fact, she said she considered herself vindicated.

In a brief conference call with press reported by the Anchorage Daily News, Palin said, “I’m very, very pleased to be cleared of any legal wrongdoing … any hint of any kind of unethical activity there. Very pleased to be cleared of any of that.”

And here is John’s reaction to this.

I don’t know how to react to this. I really just don’t. When someone is that willing to look at you and just flat out make shit up and reject facts, there really is nothing you can do without driving yourself insane.

I totally agree. I guess, with that kind of thought process, one could possibly come to the conclusion that the Earth, contrary to ALL immediately available evidence, is only 6000 years old and that George Bush is a great president. Facts no longer matter to these people, even facts that have JUST been published in just about every major newspaper in the country. To go around and say something that is 180 degrees opposite of what the report actually says is, to me, a symptom of something pathological. As I said in the title, she is either flat out delusion or that she has absolutely no qualms about telling lies that can be immediately proven incorrect. What kind of rational person does this? This is George Bush raised to yet another power. Or lowered, which may be the more apt description. And this is the person that a significant number of people in this country think is not only ready to be President, but that she is the best of the four candidates (Pres., and VP)!

I guess John Cole is correct. If someone tries to analyze this from a logical perspective, you’ll drive yourself crazy. There IS no answer that makes sense. And I find that very, very disturbing.

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