Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Republicans don’t want to call themselves Republicans on the ballot, and the Democrats sue to make Republicans call themselves Republicans.

Just when I thought the political season couldn’t get any stranger, I see this. You can click here to see the whole story in the Seattle Times. But here are what I see as the primary points.

- Dino Rossi, the Republican candidate for governor in the state of Washington, has his party affiliation listed as “GOP Party” on the ballot instead of “Republican”.

- State Democrats are suing Rossi, in order to make him put “Republican” after his name on the ballot instead of “GOP Party”.

- State Republicans, while calling the lawsuit “frivolous”, say they will step in and help Rossi in his efforts to not identify himself as a Republican.

Aw, you GOT to be pulling my leg, right? This cannot POSSIBLY be true.

UPDATE: "GOP Party"? As in, Grand Old Party... Party? This HAS to be a joke.

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