Sunday, September 07, 2008

Some newsworthy (and some not) headlines from Sunday, September 7, 2008

Here are just some things that caught my eye on early Sunday morning, while having my second and third cups of coffee.

Powerful Hurricane Ike looms as trouble for Gulf – Trouble for just about anyone in its path, I would say. After hardly any hurricanes last year, this year certainly is shaping up a lot differently. But, damn those hurricanes! Let’s go build LOTS more offshore oil drilling rigs! I am sure nothing bad will ever happen.

McCain – Palin becoming Palin – McCain? - Now, THIS is about the best question I have seen in the last few days. Very good question, indeed. I think the Republicans really need to be questioning the strength of their ticket if everyone, including many in the media, are getting so worked up about… a vice presidential candidate.

Greek postmen beat zombies to win oddest book title – Um, big deal. Yeah, those Greek postmen are tough, but who CAN’T beat up zombies?

Cassini detects partial rings with Saturn's moons – Ringed moons circling a ringed planet… How cool is that?

Lawmakers seek anthrax proof against Ivins – This is AFTER the guy has already been tried and convicted in the Court of Public Opinion, of course, courtesy of the FBI. Oh, and did I mention the guy is dead and can't defend himself? Or the fact that some of the rationale put forth by the FBI make absolutely no sense at all? But, I'm sure the guy is guilty. Why would the FBI lie about something like this?

Wilson sisters slam GOP's use of Heart's "Barracuda" – Heh. I guess McCain has come to believe that ALL music is in the public domain. See, that’s a joke, it’s a reference to McCain’s age… Never mind. Oh, wait. How about this one instead? The Wilson sisters don't "Heart" McCain. Yeah? Better? Right, I should have stopped the first time.

Man rubbed with spices, other beaten with sausage – I… Um… Well… Sure. Why not? (Go read the story, it’s even more weird than the headline.)

This may or may not become a weekly Sunday feature. It depends on how long I find it interesting and/or amusing.

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