Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More thoughts about the presidential election season.

None of these items really are developed to the point that I could make a complete post out of any of them. So, I’ll just stuff them in a single one, sort of like sardines in a can.

- Ms. Clinton is being treated very unfairly by the media. They hate her, they have already made up their minds they are going to take her down, and that’s all there is to that. It never crosses their mind that journalists are not supposed to pick the candidates! That is not their job! They are supposed to report and analyze, not demean and bury just because they don’t like someone. When Ms. Clinton gets teary eyed, she’s weak and emotional. When she gets angry or frustrated, she’s strident and shrill. She has breasts. And she’s married to someone else that the media already hates. What could be better? And, as Maha likes to put it, Chris Matthews remains high on the list of people I would like to smack really hard.

- I am not certain that I am enamored with the idea of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. I think she would probably make a good President (excellent, compared to the one we have now, but then, a Hello, Kitty! wall clock would be preferable to what we have now). However, I am probably pretty sure that she would get absolutely ripped to shreds by the Republicans and their attack dogs in the general election. Unlike John Kerry, she would definitely fight back. She’s been through too much already. However, it would be very nasty. The Republicans seem a bit nonplussed that Ms. Clinton has not already been anointed the nominee. But, I think they will get the “wind beneath their sails” as quickly as they adjust to the fact that Mr. Obama might be the nominee, instead of Ms. Clinton. In fact, they will probably have a field day. He’s black, he’s got a funny name that sounds a bit like the name of some lunatic that knocked down the WTC towers, he was born a Muslim…. Wheee!! Did I mention he is black? Still… I am thinking that, even though Ms. Clinton is undoubtedly qualified for the office, I don’t believe the country really needs to endure what will certainly happen if she is the nominee. I also am thinking that some fair minded, right of center Republicans might actually support Mr. Obama, where the mere mention of Hillary Clinton’s name seems to require some primal response from conservatives of all stripes, not unlike Pavlov’s dog. Conservatives, that is. Not Ms. Clinton.

- I very much dislike seeing the Democratic candidates really ripping on each other. I was very unhappy to see Barack Obama parroting Republican talking points in an attempt to trash Ms. Clinton. Likewise, I was very unhappy to see Ms. Clinton repeat that tired old George Bush line (that has been adopted with great gusto by Rudy Giuliani) that, if we dare elect anyone but her, the country will not be safe from terrorists. You would think that the Dems would have had their fill of that kind of crap over the last seven years. That kind of behavior absolutely stinks to high heaven, I don’t care if it is politics.

- I am rather excited by the possibility of having the good ol’ boy U.S. of A. actually electing a black guy as President. There are going to be many, many in this country who will start foaming at the mouth if this looks like it will occur, and I am going to be very fearful of Mr. Obama’s safety for quite some time. But, if we were actually to elect this man to the highest office, boy. What a step forward that would be for this country. He may be short on the specifics of his ideas for policies and how he is going to handle the numerous problems that the Bush administration is going to leave him, but his message is certainly resonating right now. We have heard “vote the bums out!” many times, but usually, the people who replace the ones we threw out were just as bad or much worse.

- If Mr. Obama wins, will all future candidates for high political office start kissing up to Oprah and trying for her endorsement? Oprah = Kingmaker!

- I rather feel for John Edwards. This should have been his time, after what happened in 2004. However, the world is not fair and things rarely work out like they should. I think Mr. Edwards would have made a very, very good President. Yes, he is still carries the label of “serious contender”, but he isn’t going to win the Democratic nomination. I wish both he and his wife the best.

- I am hoping that this cratering of the Republican candidates means the final breakup of the current Republican party, which is run by a bunch of power-mad, Constitution hating, testosterone frenzied freaks. They deserve to become totally irrelevant. However, as I have said before, I think that it is vital that this country have two vibrant political parties. I need not agree with both of them. If that was the case, what is the point of having two? But we just need that checks and balances that two parties can provide. However, and this is a big however, we need both parties to have a moral balance, a sense of fair play and working toward the common good. “Beating the crap out of the other guy” is not a reason for a political party to exist, and neither is cheating, lying and operating outside the law just so they can retain their power and line their own pockets with taxpayer money. That is what the current Republican party is, and it needs to change.

- I have been very fearful of the extreme Fundamentalist Christian right wing of the Republican party really grabbing hold of power and running roughshod over everyone and everything else, including the Constitution. I really believe that these people would like nothing better than to establish a Christian (Southern Baptist, of course) theocratic government, which would also probably produce something along the lines of a police state worthy of Mussolini. However, I see lots of pushback on that now, including some on the Republican side of the aisle. Fundamentalist Christians are supposed to know their place, just supply the votes when required, and then go back home until the next election period. The Republican establishment doesn’t really like this new Huckabee phenomena very much, so they are pushing back as well. I am breathing a bit easier than I was about 8 months ago. However, I think we still need to be very wary.

- Bill O’Reilly is, and will always remain, a unendurable prick who believes the world revolves around him. Unfortunately, a Democratic win in November will just mean that he, once more, has a reason to exist. That is, to attempt to destroy anyone and everyone who disagrees with him.

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