Friday, January 04, 2008

The top ten things about this presidential election season about which I am absolutely gobsmacked.

1. We actually have people running for president of the United States who believe that the Constitution is subordinate to their belief in God, and no one in the press is really making an issue of this.

2. We actually have a black man and a woman running for president, both of whom have a very good chance of pulling it off, and nobody has rioted or burned down part of a major city.

3. The top GOP candidates, except for Ron Paul (who isn’t necessarily a “top candidate”), are all promising to maintain or even bolster the policies, if they can really be called that, of George W. Bush, who 70% of the country disagrees with.

4. The Republican candidates would rather beat their chests about how tough each of them will be on terrorists, Muslims, illegal immigrants, and generally any person who doesn’t look, act and sound just like us, but would rather not mention the incredibly pressing and important issues, such as global warming/climate change, the healthcare crisis, the widening gap between the top 5% of the wage earners in this country and everyone else, abundant corruption in government, and the undermining of the Constitution of the United States.

5. Iowa and New Hampshire are the center of the political universe, at least for four or five months, and can truly affect the outcome of an entire presidential election, and will disappear from all public discourse after that.

6. No mention, none whatsoever, is being made in the press about the elections for the Senate and House, in which the Dems will most likely clean the floor with the Republicans. There is a distinct possibility of the Democrats getting a veto-proof majority, and I haven’t seen one whisper of that in the press.

7. Oil has now reached $100 a barrel, when it was under $10 a barrel at the start of George Bush’s presidency. Yet, no one is making much noise about this fact.

8. There hasn’t been a “straight laced, family values” Republican in this country exposed for kinky sex (legal or illegal, gay or straight) in the last three months.

9. John Edwards’ haircut is STILL an issue in the mind of some.

10. And finally, I am absolutely dumbfounded that some people in this country can get so worked up about someone else “showing disrespect” to the flag of the United States of America, such that they feel that we need to amend the Constitution of the United States to protect said flag, and yet, these same people could care less that George Bush thinks that the Constitution is “just a goddamned piece of paper!” and uses it to wipe his butt every chance he gets. That “piece of paper”, which is the beacon, the guiding light, that this country has used since its inception, is apparently meaningless to those in power. Yet, the flag is so important that we need to amend the Constitution, that selfsame document which we don’t seem to give a flying fig about?

Color me gobsmacked.

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