Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Stupidest Thing I Have Heard This Week.

I thought that a good nominee for this particular award on my part would be for Rick Santorum's announcement that Weapons of Mass Destruction had been found after all in Iraq, but the CIA and the White House didn't want to release the details since they were all so busy with the war effort. Not only were these 25 year old munitions left over from the Iran/Iraq war that were buried and everyone forgot about, and that they wouldn't hurt you if you came up and banged on them with a hammer, but the Dept. of Defense immediately came out and shot that particular theory down. But, it wasn't enough to keep wingnuts from coming and and speading the good news that, yes, WMD were there after all!

What a wanker. He is going to get clobbered this November.

No, I think this week's Stupidest Thing award goes to John Jacob, a relatively unknown canditate for the House from the state of Utah. According to a story in the Salt Lake City Tribune, he declared that the reason that his campaign is having so much trouble is that Satan opposes him, and I guess is actively working to defeat Mr. Jacob.

I suppose that makes Satan a Democrat?

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