Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bill Kristol: "Offshore drilling is perfectly safe, except where there is a disaster like this."

The quote in the title is from Mahablog.

Wow, can anyone play this game?

It is safe for kids to play in the freeway, except when there is traffic.

Investors will always make millions of dollars in the stock market. Except when it crashes and their holdings lose 45% of their value in six months.

It is safe to run with scissors. You won't ever slip and fall on them, except when you run on the shag area rug on the slippery wood floor.

It is safe to tell Darth Vader that the Force is part of an outdated religion. I'm sure he will take it in the spirit that it was given, except possibly when he is in a bad mood.

It is safe to play goalie in the NHL and not wear any pads or mask. No one will ever shoot a puck that you can't stop with the stick. You probably won't ever have to make that trip to the dental surgeon for emergency surgery.

Do you see what you can do with the word, "except?" What a wonderful word! It absolves you of everything, because WHO could have POSSIBLY imagined that anything would ever go wrong?

Where does the conservative movement of this country come up with these people? Can't anyone have even an iota of intelligence when debating issues? Having a rational argument with someone really requires both sides to practice some intelligence and logic. The problem with arguing with morons is that they will never, ever admit or even realize they are completely wrong.

UPDATE: I think this is a great example of how conservatives actually think. In their universe, nothing will ever go wrong. Everything will always go according to whatever plan they have devised. This leads to some amazing conclusions, such as the U.S. will be in and out of Iraq in two weeks and will be greeted as liberators, no one really needs health insurance because no one ever gets sick, we shouldn't give unemployment benefits because everyone who wants a job can get one, et. etc. And when something DOES go wrong, it's obviously someone else's fault, because they can never be wrong.

Like I said, it's hard to argue with a mentality like this. You might as well go try to teach a pig to recite Shakespeare. You'll have just about as much success.

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