Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We need a moratorium on the word "slammed."

As in "Momsen slammed for smoking onstage", "Euro Drug Makers Slammed In Midday Trading", "Failure to prepare: Government slammed over health payroll bungle", "Stocks slammed by global slowdown fears", etc. etc. And those are only today's headlines. A few days ago, I saw three separate headlines at Huffington Post about someone slamming someone else. This has to be the most overused word in the English language in the electronic media. You can't just "disparage" someone anymore. Disparaging someone is lame. You must SLAM them. Someone slams someone, who slams that person back. Slammer and slammee become one. We are all slammed at one time or another, and we probably don't even know it. Unless we put a halt to all of this gratuitous slamming, it will worm its way into all sorts of places we would rather not see any slamming. "Winnie The Pooh Slams Tigger in Poohsticks!"


Who the f*ck is Momsen, anyway?

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