Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An illustrative example of how the Republican Attack Machine works.

As everyone who is alive in America today, the “Ground Zero mosque”, which is neither at Ground Zero nor a mosque, is a big issue. Just why it is a big issue is beyond the intellectual capacity for most of us to understand, but then, that’s probably our fault. We have tried to understand things that are going on in this country from a logical perspective. And that just ain’t happenin’.

So, here’s how this works. Some tiny little person with a loud voice (in this case, Pam Atlas of Atlas Shrugs, look up the link youself) generates some outrage over something ridiculous and even something that conservatives themselves had no problems with a few months ago. Keep at it until it seeps into more prominent conservative channels, and then, by definition, the so-called “main stream media” that everyone just KNOWS is quite liberal because conservatives keep saying so, must pick the “story” up and run with it. It becomes a snowball set rolling down a hill. In very short order, it has become an avalanche that no one, including the President of the United States and the Majority Leader in the Senate, can avoid.

However, in this case, it appears that things really are getting out of control. A pipe bomb was set off in a mosque in Florida, and it was just luck or bad planning by the bomber that people were not killed. Republican leaders who worry about how this might play out in the elections (I am pretty certain it isn’t because they have a conscience or a sense of right and wrong), have decided that this might be getting out of hand and are trying to pull this monster, which was entirely of their own making, back.

From HuffPo:

As the discussion over the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" has moved from a debate over religious freedom to one about the place of Muslims in American society, a question left largely unanswered is what role the issue will play in the 2010 elections.

In recent days, top GOP strategists have begun expressing a sense of caution about candidates for office pushing the issue too forcefully. On Monday, for instance, Ed Gillespie, the former chair of the Republican National Committee and current point man on a host of election efforts, told the Huffington Post that he expects the "mosque" debate to ebb as an a electoral issue.

"I suspect it does recede," said Gillespie. "But the long-term impact is that it is one more example of how President Obama views most Americans...

I love this. Fabricate a totally ridiculous outrage, get the entire country in a lather about it, and then blame the President of the United States for it. Yeah, this is ALL ABOUT how President Obama views “most Americans.”

What a goddam stupid country we live in right now.

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