Thursday, August 31, 2006

The “Blame America First” crowd.

That’s where Rush Limbaugh keeps directing his rage. Those of us Americans who point out the stupid, asinine, infantile actions and statements those in control of the reins of government make. If someone happens, for example, to make a point that the war in Iraq may have created the conditions for producing MORE terrorists willing to do harm to this country than before we invaded, well, we’re part of the Blame America First party. Anytime anyone points out anything negative about government policies or actions, we are “blaming America”.

This really riles me. We are not blaming “America”. We are blaming BUSH and the GOP that is currently in control of the Executive branch, both houses of the Legislative branch, and is in the process of stocking the Judicial. Since when should we equate Bush and his enablers with America? They are only stewards, and temporary ones at that. That is about the most insulting thing I have heard recently. I am not sure what our Founding Fathers would have thought about a statement like that.

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