Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Stupidest Thing I Have Heard All Week.

Pat Buchanan asserted (at ThinkProgress, via Huffington Post) that the Mexican government has a “direct program” to reannex “the seven states of the American Southwest.” The first step is for Mexico “to push the poor, unemployed, and uneducated into the United States.” He criticized President Bush for not understanding “the nature and character of the invasion” from Mexico

It just seems to me that, if I were planning a stealth invasion, one that would take many years to come to fruition, you might want to send your best and brightest, ones that could get into the system and sort of “take over from inside”. How Pat thinks that a bunch of “poor, unemployed, and uneducated” Mexicans who are looking for work are going to be instrumental in doing something that the Confederacy didn’t accomplish in the War Between The States is something of a mystery to me.

Say, just for argument’s sake, that you were talking about an invasion of aliens from outer space rather than from an underdeveloped and rather poor nation south of our border. Would it make a lot of sense for the aliens to send their people (term used loosely) who couldn’t “cut it” in their own society to take over the Earth? Now, please don’t get on me for comparing the citizens of Mexico who come to the United States for various reasons, including looking for a better way of life, with out-of-work denizens of Alpha Centuri. I’m just using an extension of Pat’s argument and changing it around a little bit. I’m not trying to insult Mexicans in this country, many of who make valuable contributions to the economy and well-being of the U.S. So, given the magnitude of this plan, you would think some realistic planning would have gone into it. I would think that if some entity (like Mexico or Alpha Centuri) really did have a “direct program” in mind to “reannex seven southwestern states”, they might have come up with something a little more plausible. Something that would possibly involve laser cannons or mind control, if available.

Or maybe Mexico just has about as much difficulty in putting together a realistic plan for invasion as does, oh, the Bush administration vis-à-vis Iraq.

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