Friday, August 04, 2006

Lieberman's Goon Squad

This is frankly amazing to me. Check out this link to see what whole story is about.

Lieberman's campaign seems to have adopted the Karl Rove strategy of attack and then accuse the person you are attacking of some nefarious misdeed. There are all sorts of side stories about one of the guys prominent in the surprise attack being a prominent lobbiest. What, this guy doesn't have anything better to do during a workday than to go to a very small political "meet and greet" photo op that your opponent is having and then start very disruptive behavior? And he didn't think people would figure out who he really is? And taking political signs from small children and bloodying the nose of a reporter, THAT'S a winning strategy?

Jeez. I really didn't know much about Lieberman and how he really was the main Democrat enabler of Bush and his approach to "prezidentin". But now, after reading all these stories and blogs about him in the last three months, I am more than glad that it looks like he is going down in flames in next week's primary. Whether he actually runs as an independent or not remains to be seen. However, if he does, I would hope that everyone stop looking at him as a Democrat. After all, polls have shown that he is actually more popular among Republicans than Democrats. If one of your main supporters in the media is Sean Hannity, then people should realize that something is up.

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