Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How soon before someone really gets hurt or worse?

The rightwing crazies are really going crazy, with the passage of healthcare reform by a Democratic majority who finally did what many of them had campaigned on doing. What fascism! Imagine the majority party passing legislation.

But I am reading some very scary stories. Lawmakers being threatened and have had racist and homophobic names yelled at them. Windows are being broken at Democratic offices across the country. E-mails and electronic posts are threatening the well-being of not only lawmakers, but their kids.

This country is really sick right now. Peaceful demonstrations against the war in Iraq resulted in many people being arrested and thrown in jail. But it is fine and dandy to threaten Congressmen and women who did what they were elected to do.

What a fucked up country we have right now. If these assholes ever do regain power in the White House and both Houses of Congress, then I really fear what could happen. I don't think these nutjobs recognize any sort of civilized restraint these days.

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