Friday, October 12, 2007

Shorter Tom Tancredo: “Anyone who disagrees with me should be kicked out of America.”

Representative Tom Tacredo (R – Colo) on his plan to put up a fence on the entire U.S.-Mexico border, and the fact that many of the towns along the route of this proposed fence are objecting to his plan. Via TPM:

"These mayors have already demonstrated that their hearts and loyalties lie with Mexico," Tancredo said. "Perhaps they'd feel more comfortable if their cities were geographically located there as well."

Isn’t this part of the overall Republican game plan? “Anyone who disagrees with my position on fill in the blank should be fill in the blank.” Right now, Tom is saying that people who don’t believe in his fence should be deported to Mexico. I remember that some Bush administration person said something about letting the terrorists nuke San Francisco. I also remember some similar sounding statements about North Dakota, if ND didn’t want to house some advanced weapons systems, that someone said it would be acceptable if North Korea or whomever were to bomb ND. I may try to find those links later, I don’t have them right now. But here we have a sitting member of the House of Representatives suggesting that we give U.S. territory to Mexico because some inhabitants, including elected officials, might have the audacity to disagree with him! This is one more instance of, if a Democrat did this, the wingnuts of this country would go insane. However, if a Republican does it, it’s O.K.

These people have absolutely no empathy, no understanding that someone actually might have a different view of the world than they do. If anyone disagrees with them, then that disagreeable person automatically is a person non-gratia and deserves whatever comes to them.

What is it about Republicans and conservatives that absolutely insist that every single thing in this very, very complex world can be cast in a black or white, yes or no decision making process?

(Please excuse the long absence. I had a bit (understatement) of a healthcare scare last week. It all turned out negative, but for some time, I was not doing really well in the area of emotional deportment.)

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