Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It’s amazing how many people and places in America, according to Republicans, do not represent “true America”.

Here is just a smattering of what some Republicans have said this week.

We have the brother of the Republican Presidential candidate calling northern Virginia “communist country.”

One of McCain’s staffers apparently agrees, saying of the same area of Virginia, “it is not real Virginia.”

The Republican Vice-Presidential candidate said that she really enjoys coming to those places that represent “real America.”

Here’s a good one from North Carolina.

Warming up a crowd in North Carolina on Saturday, Republican Rep. Robin Hayes offered the diagnosis that "liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God."

His remarks came shortly after he had said he would "make sure we don't say something stupid, make sure we don't say something we don't mean."

And then, this guy had the actual gall to deny he had ever said something like this. Nope, never said that. Lie-bural press! And then, a recording of the whole thing turned up! Ha, not only is he an idiot, he's a liar as well! Boy, I bet he felt like a complete tool.

But the winner of this week’s award for over-the-top “us vs. them” award goes to Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who had the following gem:

In a television appearance that outraged Democrats are already describing as Joseph McCarthy politics, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed on Friday that Barack Obama and his wife Michelle held anti-American views and couldn't be trusted in the White House. She even called for the major newspapers of the country to investigate other members of Congress to "find out if they are pro-America or anti-America."

Hoo Ha!! I am SO tired of Republicans telling us that anyone that does not agree with the are not “real Americans” or “communists” or whatever other thing that pops into their pointy little heads they think they can use to insult Democrats. But I have noticed something about this exclusive (dual meaning there, if you think about it) universe the Republicans have constructed for themselves. It’s like that episode of Star Trek TNG, where people keep disappearing off the ship, galaxies and then star systems disappear. The entire universe keeps shrinking until it only encompasses the Enterprise and Dr. Crusher. Then, parts of the ship starts disappearing, like the engines. Smaller and smaller it gets, until only a single person lives in the entire universe.

That’s sort of what is happening to the Republican party right now. The more and more people decide that the current Republican party is, essentially, full of bull crap and endorse Obama or criticize Sarah Palin, the more that small, hard, hot core of tribalism redraws the line around their universe, the “true America.”

Isn’t that funny? The more exclusive you want your universe, the more exclusive it becomes! You are certainly going to be hanging out with a lot of people (although less and less every day) who share exactly the same opinion as you do, but you probably aren't going to win a lot of elections that way. Waiter, table for a party of one, please.

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