Sunday, October 19, 2008

Todd Palin really shows his class.

The sign says, in full (since it is cropped a bit on the bottom), “Charles Manson was a community organizer.”

I see… So, the attempt now is to link Barack Obama to Charles Manson, since they were both “community organizers”, by the husband of the Republican nominee to be vice-president. Because, you see, “community organizers” are anti-American fascists if not downright terrorists and mass-murderes. Nothing good can EVER come of trying to organize communities of normally disenfranchised people to make them part of the system and actually try to better their situation.

It’s amazing what conservatives attempt to do to the English language. Long ago, they succeeded in turning the word “liberal” into a dirty name. When the name “San Francisco” is uttered, you know that can only mean one thing: gay! The same goes for “Hollywood.” Liberal elitist snobs that might as well live in a separate universe from “real Amuricans.” And they have gotten away with it for decades.

Now, however, it appears that they are overreaching JUST a bit. “Community organizer” is now something that needs to be loathed and ridiculed? These people are so unhinged that they do not realize how completely idiotic they look and sound. I suppose a couple of reasons are 1) there are many, many other unhinged people out there that will agree with anything anybody says, so long as it denigrates their “enemies”, i.e., liberals and Democrats, and 2) the media continually lets them get away with it. They rarely, if ever, get called on their completely insane behavior. After some time, this kind of behavior becomes “normalized”, such that complete and utter buffoonery is expected. Not only is it not worthy of criticism, it (no matter how ridiculous) is required behavior. Rush Limbaugh and the rest of “the gang” have taught us that.

I just want to finish with one question. What would have happened if Michelle Obama had been photographed holding up such a sign, trying to link John McCain with one of the most infamous, insane mass-murderers this country has ever known?

IOKIYAAR. (It’s O.K. if you are a Republican.)

Photo and story from Balloon Juice.

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