Friday, July 03, 2009

More thoughts on conservative desires for another terrorist attack in the U.S.

(This was originally an update of my earlier post on this subject. However, it turned out to be more angry and full of content than I had originally intended, so I decided to make this into its own entry.)

You know, after a day mulling this over, I am still unable to grasp the enormity of just how insane these people are. Sadly, No! posted some comments from some right wing site about this. There really are people out there hoping and praying that the U.S. gets hit again with another terrorist attack. One lady (I assume it was a female, by the name) said something like, "If it can't be Washington D.C., then I pray that it is San Francisco."

The psychological makeup of these people is incredibly scary. They are so lost, so upset that they are no longer in control and the world is not conforming to their very odd view of reality that they hope for a repeat, or even worse, of the absolute worst day in America since Pearl Harbor. Their emotional state is that fragile. They cannot cope with the fact that they are not "correct", so they wish for more mass casualties in the U.S., for the sole purpose of being able to have that feeling of self righteous anger, the kinds that burns in the breast that requires we go destroy someone or something. Last time, it was Iraq. Bombing the shit out of Iraq was cathartic to these people. It was just unfortunate that Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the terrible events of 9/11. However, justifications could come later. All that was really necessary was that we go destroy something. It felt good to these people. They got their rocks off by watching the nightly pyrotechnics in the safety of their living rooms. "Yeah, we showed them terrorists!!"

Now that a Democrat, and a black man to boot, is in the White House and the Dems control both the Senate and the House, the coping mechanism of these lunatics is obviously on life support. They cannot deal with reality. They want to return to the safety of their constructed reality, where the United States of America (Fuck, yeah!) is the always the victor over ultimate evil. We smite the infidels with our righteous sword, because God is on our side! That is what they want. That is why insane people like William Kristol kept agitating to bomb Iran, after our "adventures" in Iraq were shown to be an unmitigated disaster. They needed that fix of self righteous anger. The same thing is going on now. A terrorist attack, and preferably a nuclear one (according to Michael Scheuer above), will make things simple again and put everything back in the correct order. Republicans will once again be in charge, Democrats will hide, whimpering in fear, in their closets, and the U.S. will show the world, friends and enemies alike, that NO ONE messes with us! If you do, the consequences will be terrible.

This is the same exact mentality of the schoolyard bully. He can't deal with his classmates on normal terms. He has to terrorize them in order to feel good about himself.

I tell you, if God DID create humans in His own image, then God must really have some deep issues that he needs to resolve.

Sorry for this early morning session in amateur pop psychology, but I am just incensed that these kind of people call liberals "anti-American" and being "for the terrorists." Man, if rooting for Osama bin Laden to detonate a nuclear bomb in a major U.S. city is not "rooting for the terrorists", I don't know what is. I am just astounded that these people can't even see how crazy they are. Which, now that I think about it, is the very definition of "crazy."

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