Friday, August 24, 2007

Another installment of “Who Can Sound Most Like George Orwell?”

Via Americablog, here is Mitch McConnell, Director of National Intelligence.

Q: Even if it’s perception, how do you deal with that? You have to do public relations, I assume.

A: Well, one of the things you do is you talk to reporters. And you give them the facts the best you can. Now part of this is a classified world. The fact we’re doing it this way means that some Americans are going to die, because we do this mission unknown to the bad guys because they’re using a process that we can exploit and the more we talk about it, the more they will go with an alternative means and when they go to an alternative means, remember what I said, a significant portion of what we do, this is not just threats against the United States, this is war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Q. So you’re saying that the reporting and the debate in Congress means that some Americans are going to die?

A. That’s what I mean. Because we have made it so public. We used to do these things very differently, but for whatever reason, you know, it’s a democratic process and sunshine’s a good thing. We need to have the debate.

Well, Orwell with a good dash of Abbott and Costello thrown in for good measure. “Sunshine’s a good thing”, even though it will end up with Americans dying because of that. Sure, I’ll buy that.

Where do they get these people?

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