Thursday, August 02, 2007

Outrage fatigue?

After my week long business trip and coming back to a houseful of my wife’s family, I have having a difficult time summoning up the outrage and energy needed to put something coherent together that would be worthwhile posting here. I feel like I would probably end up with a bunch of garbled gibberish, which would have little information except the emotional content, sort of like Ralphie’s dad in A Christmas Story.

If Bill Clinton or his administration had done ANY of the things that the Bush administration does on a daily basis, the wingnuts would have been charging the White House with pitchforks and torches. Yet, every single day, some new revelation springs out that causes me to just stand there with my mouth open. How could this stuff be going on? If anyone in the Clinton White House had said that they didn’t need to comply with a congressional subpoena, people would have gone berserk. Yet, both Harriet Myers and Karl Rove have decided they are above the law. As has Dick Cheney. As has George Bush. As has Alberto Gonzales. Obeying the law is for wimps, unless it is the “other guys”.

Just ONE of these things out of the Clinton White House, and there would have been a constitutional crisis quicker than you could snap your fingers. Now, it seems as things are going to just slide along, without any determining climax, until the Bushies leave office in 2009. “Run out the clock”, as it is being referred to.

I hope it happens soon, and that Bush doesn’t get any bright ideas, like dropping a nuke on Iran, before he leaves. That would be just about his style.

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